mold in a house

Why is there mold in a house? Black stains on your wall are unsightly and dirty, so your first instinct is to clean them without looking for the cause of mold in your home . But beware, it is important to know that mold is often the first sign of a humidity problem.

Where does mold in a house come from?

You wonder why there is mold in your house . In fact, they are a symptom that reveals the presence of a moisture problem. It is therefore imperative to find the cause of this humidity.

You may have to deal with a simple one-time problem of condensation in your kitchen or bathroom due to steam released by cooking or showers. But condensation can be more structural and linked to excessive humidity in the air, or poor ventilation in your home.

Your walls may be waterlogged and the mold you see inside your home is actually due to poor wall insulation.

The causes of the appearance of mold are therefore multiple, if the black spots on your walls remain or increase, it is imperative to have a humidity diagnosis carried out by a professional.

How does mold appear in a house?

Molds are actually fungi. For mold to form in a house, several conditions must be met. But the major component of mold growth is high humidity. The presence of water is essential for the development of moulds.

Then, these fungi need organic matter to feed themselves, cellulose, a component of wood, is a good food for molds. Wallpapers glued with cellulosic glue are therefore an excellent medium for mold.

Identify if the cause of mold growth is high humidity

Since the main cause of mold growth is dampness , you can check your home for other signs that show you have a dampness problem.

A damp house is difficult to heat and you often feel cold. You constantly have condensation on your windows or drops of water beading on certain places on the walls. Coatings such as wallpaper peel off or coatings degrade. The clothes in your closets smell bad.

What to do if you have mold?

Even though mold is just a symptom and not the cause of the problem, it is important to clean it up. You can read our tips for cleaning up traces of mold in your home in this guide.

Most importantly, you need to determine the cause of the dampness that has allowed mold to grow in your home . For this, it is necessary to have equipment and skills that only a professional has. Do not hesitate to have a humidity diagnosis carried out to be sure of definitively solving your mold and especially humidity problem.

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