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February brings a variety of bugs to various US states, such as Texas and Utah. During the winter months, pest activity stays comparatively low. However, some pests might seek refuge inside people’s homes to escape the chilly weather conditions. It is important to be prepared for their invasion and prevent them from entering as much as you can.

As temperatures keep rising, a few pests may start becoming more active in February. Most of the bugs and rodents you might spot during this time are occasional invaders. While they won’t cause a major infestation right away, they may become a source of trouble. If these critters have already invaded your home, call Saela Pest Control services immediately. 

Which pests are common in February?

While pests do not have particular months, they do enter your house from time to time. Especially since February is here, you need to be aware of different kinds of pests that may enter your house. 


One of the most common February pests is rats. They can cause significant damage to your property by gnawing wires, cables, etc. An interesting thing about rats is that they are very intelligent. They adapt to new environments very easily. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to control them.


Spiders can be found in every household. As winter hits, they seek warm places to breed and make nests. They will try to invade your house through tiny openings such as gaps around doors or windows. Spiders can survive for a long time without eating any food. This enables them to stay in their warm and cozy homes for an indefinite period.


Another common winter pest is cockroaches. Although they are all-weather insects, they can invade your homes during cold weather to escape the temperature and find food sources from your kitchen and trash. They can spread a number of diseases. Therefore, it is crucial to eliminate them from your homes as soon as possible.


Ants are mostly seen in February and are common winter pests. The cold temperature changes their feeding pattern, and they tend to move into their homes to seek warm shelter and find food sources. 


Silverfish insects have been known to exist since the Jurassic Age. They are often found in attic and roof lines. Their primary food source is cellulose and starch; therefore, they love to feed on old papers, magazines, adhesives, etc. They reproduce at a very high rate and become thousands in numbers in very little time.

House centipedes.

House centipedes are carnivorous and can help you get rid of other insects in your house by eating them away. Although they may not cause you harm, these crawlers are unpleasant to share your space with. 

What is the next step?

If you spot the pests mentioned above in your house or garden, the first thing to do is to take the necessary precautions. You have to make sure you close the opened seals and windows of your house. Once done, make sure to speak to a professional pest control service who can assist you in removing them. 

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