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Pest control becomes essential once the monsoon appears. One such pest is bed bugs which is a major problem be it in your residence or office especially at night.

Once you identify stains of defecation and mould on porous and non-porous surfaces of your home, google residential pest control services near me‘.

Difference between Residential and Commercial Pest control

Residential pest control services cater to your house, neighborhoods, apartments. Normally they deal with pests like bugs, termite, ants, cockroaches, spiders, rodents, etc. They work faster and save you from financial losses.

On the contrary, commercial pest control services work in commercial and industrial spaces, like offices, buildings, storage houses, hotels, warehouses, and other facilities mainly used for business. They use large machines and equipment to deal with the problem quickly. Bigger pests can cause extensive damage to the business. Search for commercial pest control near me to get rid of the issue as soon as possible.

It’s difficult to tolerate the musty odour of bugs. Residential pest control Brisbane

  • Minutely observes wooden headboards.
  • Searches for red or small brown spots on the bed sheets.
  • advises you to keep your suitcase off the floor and elevate your luggage and other personal belongings.
  • asks you to rinse clothes and sheets at a regular interval in hot water.
  • Advises you to check all the furniture carefully before you buy.
  • Reminds you to check your utility room or garage.
  • Asks you to know the species.

Things you should know about bedbugs

During their six month life span, bugs need a blood meal to moult and develop from nymphs.

If you don’t control their infestation, bed bugs will leave tiny bruises, reddish scars, and itching on your skin. Since, they survive on human blood and give you blood loss and infection.

Bugs can easily invade nearly any surface of your entire house. If you are the one who prefers taking measures of your own, then use diluted rubbing alcohol. Unfortunately, it won’t deliver any promising results.

Office pest control Brisbane finds eggs, bloodstain, live insects, and corpses of bugs in the creepiest places like roof cracks, walls and furniture, electrical outlets, mattresses and sheets, and frames hanging on walls. They can even get into your bags, and luggage while you travel.

Call licensed commercial pest control Brisbane to find a solution. They will take anywhere between 2 to 4 treatment sessions over 3 to 6 weeks to eradicate them.   

Again, you can go for the laundry treatment formula to eliminate the troublemakers. But hiring Professionals help manage the larger infestation.

It is next to possible to find only a few bed bugs in one place due to their high reproduction rate. Professionals not only guarantee service but also take care of the environment and so use organic procedures at a reasonable pest management cost. Mere home cleaning doesn’t help because

  • bugs have a silent infestation.
  • It’s hard to restrain their growth in an untreated place.
  • Even after treatment, they manage to be back.
  • You cannot spot their eggs with bare eyes.
  • Chemical treatment alone does not help to prevent their breeding.
  • A detailed inspection is needed because a single egg can reproduce into thousands.

Many of you are unaware that bugs prefer to hide near their food source. They usually disappear into the crevices of box springs, hollow bedposts, and upholstery during the day and night. Contact the professionals who use aerosols.

Other spots where bed bugs tend to hide are behind baseboards and cracked wallpaper. Office Pest Control Service Brisbane checks all the susceptible areas to locate bed bugs in your office.

Until now, there is no alternative for fumigation or ‘heat treatment’. Hire experts who maintain industry standards for bed bug control. Also

  • Never place your beddings, luggage, or clothing directly on the bed once you return from a tour.
  • Maintain hygiene.
  • Place furniture away from walls.


Bed bugs become more active in the monsoon even more at night. You can try DIY methods but professional skills are mandatory if you want complete eradication. Search for ‘commercial pest control near meon time for the best scientific solution.

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