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In order to obtain a modern and harmonious decoration, we will favor a designer sofa. A seat characterized by its modern silhouette, sometimes graphic, sometimes sober and always trendy.

How not to make a mistake when buying a sofa? Why fall for designer living room furniture? Let yourself be inspired by our selection of the 35 most beautiful designer sofa models.

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How to choose the right designer sofa?

Blue Sofa Model In A Pink And Blue Living Room, A Perfect Harmony

The sofa is the most imposing piece of living room furniture. Not only is it frequently arranged so as to be placed in the center of the space, but it is, by nature, very visible. When the time comes to buy a sofa, making a choice is often complex. There are many models, available in a wide variety of styles and manufactured by a wide range of furniture manufacturers. The quest for the perfect sofa can be long and exhausting. We give you the 3 keys to choose your sofa well.

Design Sofa Two Seater Duck Egg Blue

The seat for your living room must first be well adapted to your space. You should choose your furniture according to the size and layout of your living room. It must be avoided as much as possible to clutter it and prevent fluid circulation in the space.

There are 3 main sofa sizes that adapt to the size and layout of your room:

The straight sofa, two or three places

It is the most classic type of sofa. Depending on the size of the piece of furniture, it will be equally suitable for a large or a small living room.

The corner sofa

It is characterized by an L-shape. As its name suggests, the space in length is ideal for stalling in a corner of the room.

Sofa bed or convertible sofa

It is a well-known piece of furniture in student apartments. This furniture hides under its bench, a structure that turns into a sleeping area.

White And Wide Sofa For More Comfort

Sofas come in a variety of materials. The objective is that the style and the properties correspond to the needs and desires of the users.

If you choose a fabric seat, such as cotton, the decoration of your sofa can play with colors and patterns. In leather or imitation leather, the furniture will take on the appearance of a chic sofa. Finally, microfiber or velvet make up the most comfortable sofa coverings.

Modern Gray Sofa For A Contemporary Living Room

The style of your sofa is important to create a harmonious decoration in your living room. This centerpiece will set the tone and will help create a beautiful atmosphere.

The shape of the legs, the color of the upholstery and the silhouette of the seat are all details to take into account when choosing the right sofa. For a modern layout, the designer sofa offers the advantage of marrying equally well with Scandinavian-inspired living rooms , small contemporary rooms or elegant interiors.

Sofa without armrest: our selection of the most beautiful design models

Why decorate your interior with a designer sofa?

Designer Corner Sofa In Green

A designer sofa is an asset for a beautiful living room. Its daring style allows you to arrange a beautiful space while decorating your home with a place of rest and comfort. The design sofa, due to the modernity of its lines, goes perfectly with a Scandinavian interior, a minimalist atmosphere or a contemporary pop universe.

Regarding its look, you can bet on originality thanks to a sofa with singular shapes. Conversely, if you prefer softer furniture silhouettes, graphic sofa models are inspired by sleek Nordic furniture for a more cocooning look . In short, the designer sofa is an aesthetic choice that is easy to live with and easy to harmonize.

Cocooning sofa: our selection of the most beautiful models

The 30 most beautiful models of graphic sofas

To inspire you, we have selected 30 beautiful designer sofa models for you. We help you find the perfect sofa thanks to a series of images illustrating the different styles and the main formats.

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