Live Edge Tables

Gorgeous live edge tables give every room a touch of organic charm. Whether it’s a dining room table setting the mood for gatherings or a live-edge coffee table adorning your living area, these furniture items frequently become the center of attention. However, their exposed wood surfaces might leave them more vulnerable to stains, especially from spilled coffee.

But do not worry!

You can get rid of those annoying coffee stains from your dining room live edge tables without sacrificing its exquisite appearance by following a few simple procedures.

Coffee Stains

Coffee stains on your beloved live edge table may be annoying, but they are not irreversible. Take early action to stop them from causing long-lasting stains on your furnishings.

But how do you handle coffee stains on wood floors?

a. Mild Cleaning Supplies

Use mild cleaning agents to get rid of coffee stains from your live edge table without damaging the wood. First, combine mild dish soap and warm water to make a soapy solution. Use a delicate cloth dipped in the mixture to gently remove the coffee stain; do not wipe too vigorously as this might exacerbate the stain and damage the wood’s gloss.

b. Baking Soda Paste

If the coffee stain doesn’t go away, make a paste by mixing baking soda and water. Cover the dirty section of your live edge coffee table with a thick paste. Using a soft cloth, gently rub the paste into the stain and then remove it with a clean, wet towel. The abrasive properties of baking soda aid in removing the coffee stain from the wood surface.

c. Vinegar and Water Solution

Mix vinegar and water to remove stubborn coffee stains that are too strong for soap and water alone. Lightly mist the affected area with a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water using a spray bottle. Allow the solution to rest for a few minutes before removing it with a fresh cloth. Coffee stains can be dissolved and removed with the use of vinegar’s acidity.

Regular Maintenance

To keep your live-edge table looking its best, do periodic maintenance and apply a protective sealant. To eliminate spills, dust, and dirt from the surface of your table, wipe it down on a regular basis using a soft, damp cloth. Abrasive materials and harsh chemical cleaners should be avoided since they can damage the wood’s finish.

Protecting Your Live Edge Furniture

Once the coffee stain has been successfully cleaned, you must take care to protect your live-edge table from future spills and stains. Consider applying wax or a wood sealer to create a barrier that protects your table from liquids. To ensure proper coverage and performance, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions before applying any sealants or waxes.

Side note: If you are searching for “live-edge handmade furniture near me” ask the manufacture for the cleaning tips.

Final Thoughts

Coffee stains on your live edge wood coffee tables might not look good, but with the right cleaning techniques and preventative measures, you can keep your furniture looking beautiful for a long time. Whether it’s a little live-edge wood coffee table that adds warmth to your living room or a massive live-edge dining table that serves as the centerpiece of your home, maintaining these unique pieces is well worth the effort.

Thus, the next time you see a coffee stain on your prized live edge table, don’t panic. Instead, simply follow these guidelines and watch as the stain disappears, leaving your furniture looking brand-new. If you’re seeking for handcrafted furniture in a truly unique way for your home, check out the world of live-edge furniture.

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