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Do you want to change your kitchen counter? It is offered in different materials, all of which have their advantages and disadvantages. It will discuss the best-selling products on the market such as laminate, quartz, granite, wood, ceramics and marble.

The kitchen counter must be both practical and aesthetic. You must also respect the style of the kitchen by choosing a well-appointed counter. In a kitchen, the counter is a necessary work surface. Treat yourself to a reliable and resistant product that can withstand the years without problems.

The Laminate

This product is very popular with Quebecers and has many advantages. The laminate counter is a mixture of materials and resin. What makes this product so appealing is the vast selection of colors, finishes and textures. In addition, laminate imitates other more prestigious materials such as marble, quartz or granite very well. This product is durable, resistant and very versatile: it adapts very well to all types of kitchens. Laminate is very economical and affordable.

Because of its relief and its finish, the laminate counter can be difficult to maintain. Grease and other traces are more difficult to remove. It is also less heat resistant. You will not be able to place a dish fresh out of the oven. If damaged, laminate is difficult to repair.

Laminate counter

Quartz is currently highly prized by designers in Quebec. This product is composed of particles of stones, resin and color. Quartz is available in several colors: it will match your kitchen perfectly. This material is very heat and stain resistant. Its maintenance is therefore facilitated. The appearance of quartz is unique and its finish is impeccable. Unlike granite, no sealer is required to ensure its protection.

Over time, the corners and edges of quartz counter tops can deteriorate. The price of quartz does not correspond to all budgets: its price is rather high.

Quartz counter

Granite is a natural stone available in several solid colors. This material is very resistant to stains and heat. You can choose between two finishes: polished or matte. Do not rely on a simple sample! Granite color may vary. This type of counter must be installed by a certified installer.

To better resist stains and heat, a sealer should be applied to the granite. The speckled appearance of the granite could, in the long run, annoy you.

Granite counter

Wood offers cachet like no other material on the market: it gives warmth to any kitchen. It is preferable to opt for a hard wood such as maple: it will have a better lifespan. A wood counter can be varnished, stained or oiled, in any case, it will keep its unique appearance. Wood is available in a multitude of colors, species and grains.

Wood scratches and damages more easily. However, it can be repaired with a little sandblasting. The maintenance of wood is a little more laborious than other products.

Wooden counter

This product is very versatile: it can be found on floors, counters, walls… Ceramic is less expensive than other natural stones such as granite or quartz. It is offered in several styles and colors. Ceramic is highly resistant to heat, water and scratches.

It is recommended to make smaller joints and to apply a sealer to the grout to prevent staining. Ceramic is fragile and can crack if a heavy object is dropped on the counter.

Ceramic counter

Marble is a natural stone offering a prestigious and refined finish. This material goes well with an elegant and classic kitchen. Marble is sold in a multitude of colors ranging from black to white. Since it is a porous surface, it is important to apply a sealer. More exhaustive maintenance requires the intervention of a professional.

Marble stains easily if not properly maintained with a suitable sealer. This material may also experience a small color variation.

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