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Finding the right kitchen counter doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some tips on the most popular counter top materials . While it’s tempting to choose a counter top based on appearance alone, durability , maintenance and, of course, the cost of a material are also important factors to consider when choosing a model. of the kitchen.

Find a good fit

Homeowners should assess their lifestyle before settling on a counter. If they have three kids and make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on the counters every day, they might not want to go with this white granite.


The good news is that if homeowners have a certain look at heart, but the material doesn’t match their lifestyle, chances are there’s another material that does. Choosing the right kitchen counter .

Granite, the top choice when it comes to counter tops, comes in a variety of shades such as blacks , whites , greens , corals , and beiges , and no two pieces are exactly alike. Granite is available in two finishes. A polished finish gives a shiny appearance and often darkens the look of the stone, while polishing is soft and matte . The cost of granite depends on many variables, including the color, finish, and origin of the stone.

If you choose a granite that is relatively easy to obtain, it could be affordable. If you choose granite imported from Zimbabwe and shipped only once a year, it can be quite expensive.

Other materials

Other natural stone materials , such as marble , limestone , and soapstone , are softer than granite and require delicate use and more care.

Cast stone counter tops come in a wider variety of colors than natural stone counter tops, are more durable , and are easy to maintain . However, artificial stone does not save money compared to granite: the two materials cost about the same. However, the artificial stone counter does not require annual maintenance, which can be an advantage for you. Both are very similar in terms of features. The artificial counter is only less resistant to heat.

Choice of colors

Undertones can be your best decorating friend or the bane of your life. The key to making friends with shades is getting to know the difference . Also think about how you will accessorize the room, then choose counter top colors with color flexibility. Granite will offer stone-like textures and quartz will offer solid and worked colors.

Solid color counter tops may look simple and modern, but they can look cold in a room without any other patterns. If you like the look of a stylish tile backs plash, wallpaper, or even patterned upholstery and fabric accents, a solid color counter top can balance out the space. If you like to keep the other elements of the room simple, then counter tops with a natural pattern or multiple colors can give you balance, too.

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