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Doing up your home on a budget may seem daunting, but with some strategic planning, you can transform your space without breaking the bank. The key is deciding where to allocate your funds for maximum impact while saving money in areas that won’t compromise the new look.

Kitchen and Bathrooms: Splurge on Surfaces

When revamping your kitchen or bathrooms, the surfaces usually make the biggest visual impact and set the tone for the entire room. Rather than expensive full remodels, consider splurging on one or two standout surfaces to elevate the look. For example, the experts at Bedrock Quartz say that installing marble countertops instantly gives kitchens and baths a high-end, timeless feel that works with most styles, from traditional to contemporary. The sleek white veining against the smooth stone surface makes a striking focal point. Combine marble counters with inexpensive cabinet paint or hardware updates for transformative results at a fraction of the cost of a full renovation. The same concept applies to backsplashes – go for an eye-catching tile design or patterned glass to modernize the space behind sinks or stovetops.

Flooring: Save with DIY Options

While surfaces like counters and backsplashes make the room, new floors underfoot can tie everything together beautifully without spending a fortune. Skip costly professional installation by opting for DIY-friendly vinyl plank, laminate, or porcelain tile. Visit home improvement stores for a wide, affordable selection resembling pricier materials like wood or stone. Porcelain that mimics marble delivers the high-end aesthetic for less.

Furniture: Mix High and Low

The right furniture pulls a room together, but a whole houseful adds up fast. Get the look of a designer space by choosing a couple of splurge-worthy signature pieces, like a statement sofa or elegant dining set. Look for timeless silhouettes in durable frames and fabrics that will last for the long haul. Anchor them with budget-stretching finds from big box stores, discount shops, or online retailers.

Paint: Color Sets the Tone

A fresh coat of paint works wonders for transforming the look of a home without a large outlay. Paint is one of the most affordable and impactful makeover materials. Trendy hues like sage green, rust orange, or navy blue immediately modernize and lend personality. Deeper colors like charcoal gray or forest green add drama to a room. Accent walls in bold shades also pack visual punch without the commitment of an all-over dark color. Spend where it counts by using a high-quality primer and paint for a flawless finish that pops.

Window Coverings: Shop Discounts

Window treatments pull together a room’s look but can have hefty price tags. Search for deals on drapes, curtains, and blinds at warehouse stores or shop discounts and sales online and in catalogs. Customize inexpensive panels and blinds with designer details like decorative finials, trim, contrast welting or textured fabrics.

Lighting: Create Interest

While essential for function, lighting also makes a spectacular design statement. Make standard builder-grade fixtures disappear with sophisticated updates. Choose a series of pendant lights over islands, bars, and dining tables to introduce captivating style. Layer ambient, task, and accent lighting and splurge on stunning chandeliers or statement pieces, then keep costs down with less-expensive lamp and overhead lighting for balance.


With strategic saving and splurging, you can craft custom-looking high-end interiors scaled to fit your wallet. Keep costs low in the less visible infrastructure like subfloors, framing or drywall. Splash out on surfaces, fixtures, and finishes to raise the room’s visual sophistication. Employ savvy bargain hunting so that statement-making signature pieces anchor the new design. Follow these budget home makeover tips and transform spaces with splurges that satisfy and saves that don’t sacrifice style.

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