Anti-Termite Plywood

Modern kitchen trends include naturally sourced wooden cabinets made of premium plywood. With a vast ocean of design options and aesthetics available to choose from, families are returning to traditional plywood for their kitchens. With a mind for durability, there is a need for plywood resistant to the harsh effects of nature like climate and termites.

While many anti-termite chemicals are available, tackling them for woodwork becomes challenging. Some key challenges are keeping the concentration below the toxic level for humans to interact with and leaving no odour behind. Anti-termite plywood, which tackles these problems, forms the perfect candidate for kitchen cabinets and wardrobes of a modern house.

What is anti-termite plywood?

All plywood is susceptible to termite attacks. Subterranean termites are the most common species which feed on wood and damage the structural integrity of the furniture. It is necessary to ensure the timber used is termite-proof if its long-lifespan is to be maintained.

Termites build colonies of up to a million and feed on wood. With their growing chemical resistance, constant research is required on the best methods to eradicate them and keep the plywood safe. Century Ply is a leading pioneer in this field, offering the best anti-termite plywood on the market.

How does anti-termite plywood keep you safe?

The three main ways in which anti-termite plywood is beneficial are listed below:

1. Life-long resistance to termites

Anti-termite Plywoodis one-of-a-kind plywood enhanced with chemicals which protect the plywood against various species of termites. The compact structures of furniture form the backbone of their stability. Termites can feed on the wood which forms the frame, thus weakening it. Preventing termite attacks becomes a primary concern for all plywood users.

To ensure a long lifespan, CenturyPly conducts continuous research to improve the quality of the chemicals used to reduce the mortality of these insects. With constant quality checks and improvements, their termite-resistant chemicals are arguably the best in the world, with customers explicitly seeking them out.

2. Durability to different climates

Like all other wood products, plywood expands and contracts with weather changes. While this property is innate to the type of wood, scientific advancement has shown that certain chemicals can alter this property. Door jambs during the winter and the inability to close drawers properly due to their expansion are side effects of this phenomenon.

Century Ply conducts state-of-the-art research to develop formulas which make plywood resistant to changes in properties with the weather. While termite resistance has become the bare minimum, Century Ply has taken it upon itself to add crucial fixes. Consistency during the summer and the winter and durability during monsoon make Century Ply’s products stand out.

3. Moisture resistance

Plywood sheets with an enhancement to reduce their imbibition of moisture are in great demand. With cabinets and wardrobes installed in critical areas in a house, with rainfall, water can seep into these fixtures, weakening them. Moisture can be deadly if the house’s architecture depends on these structures.

Anti-termite plywood is used to ensure a sturdy finish to architecture. The chemicals developed to enhance the wood’s resistance to termites ultimately also increase its moisture resistance. Serving more than one purpose, Century Ply focuses on building such plywood desirable to all customers. Choosing quality over other factors for long-term benefits is crucial for a one-time investment.


Anti-termite plywood has tremendous applications with the advantages it possesses. It is preferred over most plywood by major builders and has had a great demand in the market. With quality at the forefront of everyone’s needs, Century Ply has been the forerunner in the supply of premium quality anti-termite plywood.

For a long-lasting installation of plywood, it is quintessential to choose Century Ply’s anti-termite fixture, which keeps various termite species away. With a dedicated team working on research and staying up to date with market trends, they are the best for all your wood queries!

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