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What are the things you should know about plumbing?

Even if you are a novice or too busy to take care of it yourself, plumbing is one of those aspects of the house that deserves attention.

First, what is meant by plumbing ? This denomination includes zinc work (which captures water and evacuates it such as gutters, gutters, etc.), central heating and sanitary plumbing (mainly water supply and evacuation of waste water, but also hot water and installation of toilets).

The word plumbing obviously comes from the word “lead”, a material which is now prohibited for multiple reasons. Now we use copper or PVC instead.

Plumber St-Hubert – Change water heater

Then, having said that, it is important to know some basic things about its installation:

the toilet is not a trash can where you can throw whatever you want.

If you have low water pressure, removing and replacing the aerator is often the best way to fix the problem. It gets clogged over time due to minerals.

If you have a leak, you can take a look at the valve, turn off the water supply, keep the nut on or replace the valve gasket. Each situation is unique, but sometimes the solution is simple and does not require a plumber to come.

An important point to mention is that it is often better to hire a  plumbing professional  rather than trying to do everything yourself.

This area often takes on a dimension of urgency because the problems encountered are often very annoying and must be dealt with immediately.

Plombier Saint-Hubert – Residential and commercial plumbing

Different aspects often come up when talking about plumbing:

Changing a hot water tank, for example, or repairing a siphon leak, a hot water failure, a clogged toilet or a leaking tap. You should also know that your hot water installation can come in two forms: electric or gas, the latter type requiring specific knowledge that only a plumber can provide.

Our service can help you solve all your plumbing problems , especially your water damage, the installation and repair of your toilets and much more.

We will inspect your flushing system, drains, pipes and anything else if necessary.

Several interesting facts

Above we have listed several interesting and not necessarily related facts about plumbing. The goal was to enlighten you and bring you new knowledge on the subject.
So many other elements could be mentioned such as :

  • arc welding;
  • changing a silicone gasket;
  • how to thaw your pipes;
  • descale an electric water heater;
  • make copper piping;
  • More technical aspects such as soldering;
  • clean an aerator or renovate a bathtub.

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