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Nowadays, it has become important for almost everyone to keep their house perfect. People are taking deep consideration when it comes to choosing their house designs both exterior and interior designs. A special focus has been given to house interiors.

Wardrobes play a significant role in every house. It can alone change the whole look of the room if used in storage spaces carefully and smartly. Picking up the right laminates for designing the wardrobe can be a tough task if lacking in knowledge about laminates, and trending designs of wardrobe.

The safe yet smart way to decide the best laminate for a wardrobeis to adapt new ideas with the furniture. Because at the end of the day, you want your wardrobe to be functional, spacious, and match the home decoration or aesthetic.

Having said that, wardrobes with high gloss laminate texture are the most trending ones. Not only because of its appealing look but also for its envisioned purpose.

Why laminates for the wardrobe?

When it comes to wardrobe design, it comes in various shapes, sizes, materials, and designs. Nowadays, laminates are said to be the perfect ones for wardrobe designs. Laminate wardrobes are popular, aesthetic, require low maintenance and most importantly it’s a great alternative to traditional wooden storage spaces. Laminates are smooth, strong, and have durability as compared to other wood.

Types of laminates wardrobes: 

Presently, there are many types of laminate that you can pick for your wardrobe. From matte to glossy laminates.

  • Metallic
  • Fabric
  • Marble

However, in this article, we are focusing on glossy laminate wardrobes.

Glossy laminates for wardrobe 

A high gloss laminate wardrobe seems perfectly fine for home interiors. The name itself suggests, glossy laminates mean a shining surface with a radiant look. Many houses are switching over glossy interiors to get a perfect shiny look.

Benefits of choosing glossy laminates for wardrobe

The best part about going for glossy laminates is that it stands out from the rest but still perfectly blends with the surrounding decors.

  • Another benefit, makes your place look shiny, elegant, brighter, and bigger. Your room will look spacious and large.
  • Glossy wardrobes are water-resistant and scratch-proof.

7 best glossy wardrobe laminates in India:

You read that, it’s trending. But which glossy wardrobe laminates one must pick while keeping the rest of your house decor in mind?

1. White laminate wardrobe

What’s more classy than white? Modern house owners are preferring white wardrobes and set a minimalistic and classic trend. White laminate wardrobe goes well with every home decor.

2. Wood-like finish wardrobe

Another classic option to go for without second thought. Dark wood colour or brown colour, both can be perfect for a room where curtains and floor colour match the wardrobe shade.

3. Solid colours

Pick solid colours like grey, blue, green, or others that can match and create a whole new luxurious room when put together. The colourful glossy laminated wardrobes with colour themes can create a beautiful, royal look for your place.

4. Multiple colours

There’s nothing wrong with going for a multiple-colour laminate wardrobe that is shiny and elegant.

5. Glass wardrobe design

Glossy wardrobes with glass shutters are another new design. It makes the room look spacious and formal. There are available options for glass finish as well.

6. Wardrobe design with mirror finish

This one is a new combination. Glossy wardrobes with mirror finish together can make a space look bigger, neater, and more functional yet stylish home decor.

7. Laminate finish wardrobe

Easy to customize, budget-friendly option to go for if wanting to choose a glossy, durable, and easy-to-maintain wardrobe.


Now, you know what available options are there for glossy wardrobe laminates in India. It’s your time to go and pick what suits your home decor. If you still don’t know where to get glossy wardrobe laminate sheets, visit Century Laminates. They have everything one wants for their house interior design.

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